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The JEDAH Company

The JEDAH Company™ was established in 2001 by Minister Constance M.B. McIntyre. The company is presently based in Miami, Florida. The company was established with the vision to teach, train and allow Christian choreographers the opportunity to grow and develop their talents through presentation of ministry in various venues.              >> More



The McIntyre Institute Welcomes you!


Thank you for your interest and for visiting our website. Dr. Vincent McIntyre and his wife, Dr. Constance McIntyre, are the founders of The McIntyre Institute™ (TMI), a non-profit dance and community program which was established to provide professional instruction of liturgical, modern and ballet dance techniques, biblical application and various community productions.


The McIntyre Institute emphasizes education and academics. We started our dance program in 1988...most recently The McIntyre Institute became a non profit 501c3 organization in 2001. Our Christian dance program began in 1988 with numerous major productions throughout the United States area:


• The Carnival Center for the Performing Arts Ziff Ballet Opera House / Miami, FL

• The Gusman Theater for the Performing Arts/ Miami, FL

• Boutwell Auditorium / Birmingham, Ala.

• Broward Center for the Performing Arts/ FT. Lauderdale, FL

• Arena / Verona, Italy

• Miami Area / Miami, FL

• Joseph Caleb Auditorium / Miami, FL

• The Colony Theater / South Beach Miami, FL

• Barry University Theater / North Miami, FL

• Naomi   Bruton Theater / Dallas, TX

• Sunrise Musical Theater/ Fort Pierce, FL

• And many more…


We are the first Christian Dance school to debut at the Gusman Theater and the first biblical dance institute to hold a major production at Miami’s Carnival Center for the Performing Arts/Ziff Ballet Opera House.  Our performance features liturgical dance along with mainstream national recording artist.  Our students are given the opportunity to minister in dance on stage with these artist thereby, enhancing their self confidence and overall self esteem.


Our institute has created and produced America’s first Liturgical Dance Television Series [C2D] Called 2 Dance, viewed nationally in over 55 million homes within the United States.  On a international level, the institute is being broadcast through out Africa on the National Nigerian Television Network.   


This innovated program features diverse participation and cultural exchange. Our students are educated and trained in academic excellence using a structured curriculum and  a certified teaching staff. Biblical application and movement techniques are employed for proficiency and self development.


Our Director and Co-Founder Dr. Constance McIntyre is a former adjunct professor of Florida International University.  She holds several degrees in education and dance. [See bio page: About Us]


Many students have excelled with her specialized curriculum and training.